Take action to Save Our Capitol!

Save Our Capitol! is a diverse group comprised of California preservationists, environmentalists, small business advocates, taxpayer organizations, and others deeply concerned about the secretive $1 billion plan to demolish and rebuild the historic Capitol Annex - a project that will unnecessarily destroy the iconic building to erect an elaborate workplace for state politicians.

In addition to destruction of the Annex, the project will upend the function and beauty of the Capitol and surrounding grounds by:

On top of the outrageous cost of the project, the Capitol Annex plan was devised behind closed doors with little input. The Historic State Capitol Commission, created by the Legislature for the express purpose of protecting the State Capitol’s historical and architectural restoration integrity, was denied project information. The Commission – made up of qualified persons in architecture, history, and government – was excluded from planning, resulting in two commission members resigning. In addition, Native American tribal leaders have provided public comments indicating they have not been engaged in or included in the process, as required by law.

Save Our Capitol! believes there is a better approach to improving the safety and function of the Capitol Annex, while preserving our collective history, protecting our constitutional rights, and prioritizing environmental protections. Alternative solutions include:

The last thing a struggling Californian needs now is an elaborate new building for politicians. Save Our Capitol! is working to ensure the building that houses our halls of government is safe and functional, while making sure our elected officials prioritize the needs of an entire state in crisis. Will you join us?