Bee readers comment on Mayor Steinberg’s future career, wolf poaching, Capitol renovation (Money Sink)

The Sacramento Bee
By Kate Riley

"$1.2 billion CA Capitol renovation in limbo after court ruling,” (, Dec. 7)

This project has been shrouded in secrecy since its inception. Assembly Bill 1826 (2018) called for a budget of $755 million. The current price tag is nearing $1.2 billion.

The Legislature justified demolition as solving problems that can be addressed through rehabilitation, which would make the historic building more modern and safer at a much lower cost. The lawsuit provides an opportunity to redesign the project and preserve the west steps, an iconic place for citizens to assemble.

While we must protect Capitol Park, the issues of the Capitol Annex project extend far beneath the surface. I am thankful that the Legislature must pause and reevaluate its options after clearly rushing into the wrong decision the first time.

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