Capitol Project Controversy

By KCRA News

At the State Capitol today, a group of people pushing back on a $1 billion project to modernize the building.

Here is a live look at the Capitol.

Now if this Capitol Annex Project is approved, then it will look very different.

A lot of people may not have heard of the project. A group is working to change that. They met on the steps of the State Capitol and say the state cannot afford this project and it will damage or destroy more than 100 trees.

Dick Cowan, Former Chair of Historic State Capitol Commission: “As it's currently planned, the project would demolish the historic 1950's annex listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It would totally excavate and ruin our West gathering place, what Huell Howser called California's front yard. And it would take out a huge amount of the trees from our 150 year old arboretum here in Capitol Park”.

Kate Riley, Trees for Sacramento: “Thereare trees from every continent except Antartica here in Capitol Park. This four-block area around us, that surrounds the Capitol? That will be changed forever with theascurrently planned”.

‍Supporters of the building project says that it is fallingbehind in code and safety upgrades. The original plan to restore the oldrapped in favor of tearing it down and building a newone.