Groups Look to Save Historic Capitol Annex in Sacramento

February 23, 2022

Close-up of Southern Magnolia tree being excavated in too small a box by ANSI A300 Standards for Planting and Transplanting, which the EIR guaranteed the State will follow. (February 13, 2022)

Opponents of the Capitol Annex Project wait for a judge’s decision whether to halt the demolishing of the current Capitol Annex in Sacramento. The group Save Our Capitol continue to speak out against the project citing its $1.4-billion dollar price and insist there is a better way.

“Could we instead rehabilitate the existing capitol and meet most of the legislatures needs? We could and we could do it for about half of the price,” said Richard Cowan, former chair of the Historic State Capitol Commission.

He cites a recent poll sponsored by Save Our Capitol which shows overwhelming opposition to the Capitol Annex Project. A stay on the Capitol Annex Project could be put in place this week as four lawsuits have been filed against it.