KNX Morning News with Bob Brill: Capitol Annex Project

By Bob Brill
KNX Morning News


Bob Brill: There’s a plan to demolish the East Capitol Annex building in Sacramento and build a new structure. That project has a price tag of $1.4 billion. Now, there are two Capitol Buildings. The structure that dates back to the 1860s, and the Annex which was built in 1950. Both are owned by the Joint Rules Committee of the Legislature. Richard Cowan, part of the group that opposes tearing it down, tells KNX that this is a misguided plan.

Richard Cowan: Over the 70-year life of the Annex, they’ve failed to upgrade it, so they now say, “Wow it needs a lot of help, let’s tear it down." Mr. Cooley who chairs the Joint Rules Committee says they’d like to get all of the legislative staff in one building. Interesting idea— I do note that in Washington D.C. they gave up decades ago, and instead went with the campus.

Brill: Cowan says the building can be renovated at half the cost.