Letters: Delta tunnel, Sacramento Zoo, Biden, coronavirus, homeless

Sacramento News & Review
By Shaun Cho, via email

Misplaced Priorities

Small businesses like mine, who are the backbone of our society, have truly borne the brunt of the pandemic. My family-owned business has not only had to worry about the safety and health of our elders, but also work harder than ever to keep our business afloat. On top of those difficulties, our business was recently vandalized.

Meanwhile, California lawmakers are focused on an extravagant project that would benefit themselves, not the community. You likely have not heard of this secretive $1 billion project to demolish and rebuild the historic Capitol Annex because the public has been left out as this plan was hatched. Our leaders should be focused on helping California’s small businesses, rather than cushioning their offices at the Capitol and stripping us of valuable dollars. This project must be put on hold, so our lawmakers can address the more pressing and serious issues that plague our state.