Sacramento News Radio

By Nikka Magahis
KFBK News Radio
January 26, 2022


We’ve been telling you about that State CapitolAnnex project, it’s been going on for a while, it’s got the legislature working from offices down the street—well apparently not everyone is on board with the reconstruction of the Annex. KFBK’s Nikka Magahis has more:

Magahis: Activists groups like Save our Capitol are working to prevent the Annex building from being demolished. Richard Cowan is the former chair of the historic state Capitol Commission

Cowan: The Annex portion of the capitol building—a building that is listed on the Register of National Historic Places.

Nikka: He argues that taxpayers shouldn’t be burdened with these extra costs when less expensive alternatives are available. In a recent survey commissioned by the group, 76% of people oppose the project.

Cowan: Let’s save the building, let’s save the trees, let’s save that West gathering place in front of the Capitol.

Magahis: The Joint Rules Committee of the Legislature will oversee the reconstruction of the building. Some of the issues needing attention: lack of space for legislative staff, hazardous materials and antiquated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.