Sacramento Taxpayers Association Opposes Costly and Unnecessary Remodel of Capitol Annex

SACRAMENTO, CA (December 14, 2020) – The Sacramento Taxpayers Association (SacTax) joins Save Our Capitol! alongside preservationists, small business advocates, government watchdogs, and environmentalists in opposing a project to demolish and rebuild the Capitol Annex.

This billion-dollar demolition and rebuild plan, known as the “Capitol Annex Project,” will restructure the historic Capitol and surrounding grounds to build a private underground parking garage for state officials, as well as a new, underground and above ground visitor center which will block existing access to the Capitol’s West Steps. The Project is funded by taxpayer dollars through bonds that will strip away valuable resources and spending that could be invested in supporting our communities during this difficult time. Repaying the bonds with interest will put further strain on the state’s coffers.

“The Governor and Legislature have given the green light to proceed with a plan that sidelines the many needs of struggling Californians to spend a fortune on upgrading their offices, expanding parking for high-ranking staff, and constructing a visitor center. The Sacramento Taxpayers Association opposes this project because of its extravagance and wastefulness when other options are available. We urge our state’s leaders to stop the demolition; pursue alternative solutions; and focus on alleviating the already significant economic burdens on Californian taxpayers,” said W. Bruce Lee, SacTax president

As the state grapples with an economic crisis and mass unemployment, Californians need fiscally responsible leadership. The State has already spent $400 million on the Swing Space, which could easily be permanently filled. Taxpayer funds should be used for initiatives that more directly support our citizens, not projects that cater to elected officials.

“The remodel of the historic Capitol Annex would be a waste of taxpayers’ money even in a stable economy, and the decision to pursue this project during a pandemic is particularly concerning. At a time when our elected officials should be supporting their constituents struggling to hold on to jobs, keep businesses open, and send kids to school, priorities should lie elsewhere,” says Jack Frost, SaxTax executive director.

SacTax, a nonpartisan organization established in 1961, represents the interests of taxpayers countywide in monitoring government to promote fair taxation, efficiency, and economy for the benefit of the community.

To learn more about how to stop the demolition and restore the historic Capitol Annex, visit and join the call to Save Our Capitol!



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