Save California’s History – Rehabilitate Our Annex


Richard "Dick" Cowan
Historic State Capitol Commission, Chair 2014-2020
Capitol Bicentennial Restoration, Project Engineer 1977-1982

So, we're here in the first-floor corridor of the historic annex. The Historic State Capitol Commission designated all of the materials you can see here as the historic fabric of the building. The marble surrounds, including this beautiful marble around the governor's entrance. The marble floors, the ceilings are, in particular, a 1950s style. The marble on the walls is beautiful, of course.

And if you were to scan around and look at the door frames, you'll find that they're made of aluminum. That the door hardware is a matching aluminum finish, and this is an homage both to the Malmquist sculptures that are outside on the exterior of the building, made of aluminum, and also, an homage to the building being light.

In order not to drive piles for the foundation of the 1860s building, Alfred Eichler chose a mat foundation which would support his light building and could be built without risking any damage to the then unreinforced 1860s building.