By Karen Jacques, Sacramento
The Sacramento Bee
December 24, 2023

CA Senate GOP urge Newsom to act fast on $68 billion deficit,” (, Dec. 18)

As a longtime California resident, it’s not just Senate Republicans calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to address the $68 billion budget deficit, it’s all of us! It’s crucial to stress the need for the thoughtful and responsible allocation of resources.

While recognizing the urgency of swift action, citizens must advocate for a careful examination of budgetary decisions. Instead of opting for a broad spending freeze, the legislature should take a nuanced approach by reevaluating funding for trivial and frivolous projects like the $1.2B Capitol Annex Project. While the state is in deficit, the Legislature can easily continue to use their already built Swing Space.

Redirecting resources from potentially less essential initiatives can protect crucial social safety nets currently facing significant cutbacks and/or freezes. This strategic reallocation not only tackles immediate fiscal concerns, it also highlights our dedication to prioritizing the well-being of fellow Californians — not just our public servants.