Stop The Demolition!

The California Legislature is bulldozing ahead with the Joint Rules Committee's (JRC) billion-dollar demolition and rebuild project, which would:

The historic Capitol Annex was designed by celebrated architect Alfred E. Eichler, the designer of Tower Bridge. Yet, the JRC plans to demolish the iconic structure and build palatial offices for the governor, legislators, and their staff by expanding the Annex footprint, potentially to twice the size.  (The project keeps changing so the final design is not known to anyone as of October 26, 2020.)

On the South Lawn, an underground parking garage for legislators and public officials was originally proposed, along with an underground and above ground Visitor Center, which would block the existing access to the West Steps. Both projects would destroy a significant part of Capitol Park -- forever.

By funding with revenue bonds, the JRC is forcing the public - the ones suffering from the loss of loved ones, homes, jobs, and businesses -- to pay for an extravaganza for comfort and convenience of legislators and lobbyists. With interest, the project is estimated generate $1.3 to $1.5 billion debt for the next 30 years.

Save Our Capitol! is calling for Governor Gavin Newsom and the Legislature to relocate offices to the Swing Space Building at 10th and O Streets -- a part of the Capitol Annex Project currently under construction, which would provide more space than expanding the Annex. This plan is fully funded ($400-$500 million).

This permanent relocation would allow historic restoration of the Annex within its existing footprint to bring the building up to code. In addition, this restoration would relocate all parking offsite for improved safety and security, and would eliminate the Visitor Center, or move it to the restored Annex, if needed at all.

Now is the time to stop the demolition. Restore the historic Capitol Annex instead and preserve Capitol Park and its irreplaceable trees.