Stop the demolition of the historic Capitol Annex! Stop the bulldozers and chainsaws from destroying our irreplaceable trees!

California’s Capitol Park represents Sacramento’s unique heritage and living history as the City of Trees.

“Trees that grace the Capitol Park surrounding the California State Museum form a diverse collection of mature trees from throughout the world.

This collection includes State and National Champion Trees—largest specimens found.

Also included are redwoods dedicated to State leaders and a redwood that grew from a seed that orbited the moon on Apollo 14.”

Stan Drury

Development of proposed Capitol projects would require removal of 108 mature trees and likely cause significant damage to an additional 55 mature trees. Construction of the underground facilities will limit root growth and stability of future trees. Many of the Capitol Park trees are irreplaceable.

Notice of Preparation

The first public notice for the proposed project was released in April 2019, identifying the location within Capitol Park.

Notice of Preparation, April 2019
Draft Environmental Impact Report

The Draft Environmental Impact Report states that “approximately  20-30 trees would need to be removed to implement the project.”

Draft EIR, September 9, 2019
Jan ‘20
Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

The same 20-30 trees are specified as needing to be removed, but these trees have not been identified for species, size, location, and historic significance.

Recirculated DEIR, January 2020
may ‘20
Arborist’s Report

An independent arborist’s analysis identifies 108 mature trees which would need to be removed, with 55 additional trees at risk. The report includes species, size, location, and historic significance.