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Stop the demolition!
Stop the demolition!
Stop the demolition!

California lawmakers are bulldozing ahead with a costly demolition of the East Annex and a plan to block public access to the West Steps and destroy Capitol Park.


Preserve our right to assemble on the West Steps and to exercise our constitutional freedoms.

Now is not the time to burden taxpayers with a $1.4 billion debt for the next 30 years. It’s time to increase public safety and save the historic West Steps.


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February 4, 2024

Dick Spotswood: Crucial time for executive recruitment in Marin County and Novato; Capitol Annex Fiasco

By Dick Spotswood
Marin Independent Journal

"It’s a boondoggle that should be halted at least until the deficit is eliminated. Even then, this project remains a frill the Golden State can do without."

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January 26, 2024

Downtown Sacramento coffee shop is closing after nearly 20 years: ‘Pretty heartbreaking’

By Hanh Truong
The Sacramento Bee

"Nearby construction at the Capitol has also had a 'massive impact' on the shop, he said."

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December 25, 2023

Construction at Sacramento Capitol Annex continues

By Eytan Wallace
FOX 40 News

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Stop the Billion Dollar Demolition and Rebuild Project
Save Our Capitol Trees
Stop the Blockade of the West Steps and Plaza

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Save Our Capitol!

Save Our Capitol! is working to preserve the historic Capitol and its surrounding Park, including hundreds of irreplaceable trees. Alternatives exist to make the new Annex safe and compatible without spending more than $1.2 billion to excavate the West Steps, build a new parking garage, and rebuild the Annex with an all-glass facade.

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